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6 Reasons You’re Not Getting Interview Call-ups

  1. Your CV and/or cover letter has typos and grammatical errors

Imagine writing ‘Excelent communication and writting skills’ as one of your strengths. What an epic way to let the recruiter know you mean the opposite! (I hope you caught the joke). It is assumed that you have had time to prepare your CV and write your cover letter, so certain typos and errors are downright unacceptable. Like when you spell your own degree wrongly. Or when one company name is spelt a certain way in your CV and a different way in your cover letter. Use a word processor and turn on spell checking to catch such typos.

If you can, let a professional proofreader have a look at your documents before you send them. After all, the penny you spend will be worth it when you land your dream job. If you have dyslexia or any related disorder, indicate it clearly on your application and let someone quality assure your writing for you – the world is becoming more inclusive by the day, but some people have not caught on with it yet.